14 March 2012

Online Marketing over Mobile

Since the growth of Internet Marketing, the marketing over mobile is also growing on same level. There are two parts of the world, where you usually found an existence of any technology like when iPhone and iPad were first time introduced in US and UK’s market, people were rush to the shop to buy it. Still, it’s the same situation when a new version of iPhone or iPad going to be launched in these countries. UK is facing the economical crisis, but the mobile phones have become the necessities, so there are great opportunities for mobile marketing and the development of mobile friendly website and mobile apps, even if the economical crisis in the UK are still continued.
What do you think? Is Mobile Marketing a new way of Marketing or it is the new branch of Internet Marketing like SEO and others? The answer is simple and interesting, if any mobile phone users will be connected to the web via GPRS, 3G or any other internet services on their mobile, then user will most probably prefer to visit the website on their mobile for finding out the best deals on the product they are searching for. This is called, Mobile Internet Marketing. While, on the other hand, if a user is offline, the mobile network is the only way of getting such offers, deals, etc. via SMS, MMS, email, etc., it is called Mobile Marketing.

If you concern over technology and marketing, once you have ever heard about the Mobile Marketing. It is the way of engaging the customers and the opportunities on the mobile phone devices. The following is the tools of Mobile Marketing,
  • Short text Messaging Services - SMS
  • Multimedia Messaging Services - MMS
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Websites- WAP sites
Smartphone as iPhone allows its user to access the internet over the phone, which is the new trend of searching website via Mobile Internet and around 20% of searched originated and dominated by the Google. Internet Marketing Services providers are now taking over their business to Mobile Internet Marketing.

The big advantage of Mobile Internet Marketing is the SMS services. It is faster than the Email, as the mobile phone users immediately check and response the messages while email takes time, may be a day after someone check their mails, and sometimes it goes to the spam folder and never be seen.


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