21 March 2012

Best Practices of SEO for Ecommerce Website

SEO for ecommerce websites needs a very unusual process then marketing for a normal web site. Our SEO professionals have helped numbers of Ecommerce website retailers attain considerable enhance in sales through ecommerce SEO, Social media optimization activities. Your ecommerce web design would be the first impression to your potential visitors – so make it over with unique concept and design.

There are three key fundamentals for an online storefront to make the most of SEO success.
Website design, user friendly structure and accessibility, the accessibility is an important part as it concern with the crawling of your site to Google and other search engines. If your site can not be crawled or found issues, then it may not be indexed by Google. Many ecommerce website uses JavaScript and Flash for making their site attractive and user friendly, but take a not that it can not be crawled by Google, so we recommend using a layout or functionality that Google’s spider support. Further, it can only pass link juice if a layout can not use such flash, JavaScript.

For ecommerce website, landing page or category pages plays an important role while marketing your products online. It may take a long to optimize all products or item pages; rather it is better to focus on category level pages or landing pages to promote. There are not fixed no. of products pages remain in any site as it will be changed once a new product has been added, no stock for a product is available etc. You do not have time to optimize all pages every time you add a page, to avoid such circumstances, you may use a template that already optimized and you can add its optimized version any time when you add any item into a product page.

To get huge impact of search from Google to your ecommerce site, you have to make your site popular, reliable, and trusted and most authority site for people or search engine. To do this, you can hire professional SEO Services that build your site as a popular brand that people refer to their friendly once after get experienced through purchasing something from your site. There are many local search listing directories that your business can be listed to get your website noticed there. For a launch of new product, you can distribute a press release, write article and share them to popular article directories etc. All these activities will definitely help your site to be more trusted source online.

That’s all. Contact iWebSquare if you need more support on SEO for Ecommerce.


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