19 April 2012

SEO Checklist that anyone can Use to Optimize their Website

Getting Started Checklist for any Website:
[source: onlinehelp.microsoft.com]

Here’s list of things you should be thinking about when starting to build or optimize your website. It’s not an exhaustive list, but each item will take you time to research, plan and execute. If you manage to cover them all, you’re doing very well.

SEO Checklist
Ready to get started driving more traffic to you site? We've brought together key information to help you get up and running quickly. For each of the five main areas we touch on (Crawlability, Site Structure for SEO, On-Page SEO, Content & Links) ask yourself if you have performed the task. Some of these will be easily handled, while others may require more planning and work to implement. If you hit a wall and simply cannot accomplish something on the list, don’t panic. Move on to something else.

  • Create XML sitemaps and upload them to the root of my site
  • Ensure navigational structure can be accessed by search crawlers
  • Ensure content is not buried inside rich media (Adobe Flash Player, JavaScript, Ajax)
  • Ensure a clean down-level experience to expose content when rich media is used
  • Ensure a clean, keyword rich URL structure is in place
  • Create a robots.txt file and place at the root of my domain
  • Site Structure for SEO
  • Ensure content is laid out in a logical hierarchy
  • Ensure content is well linked to with internal links
  • Ensure a clean, keyword rich URL structure is in place
  • Ensure URLs contain no extraneous parameters where possible (sessions, tracking, etc.)
  • Create both HTML & XML sitemaps for humans and search crawlers respectively
  • Ensure JavaScript/Adobe Flash Player/rich media does not hide links from crawlers
On-Page SEO:
  • Inside the <head> code
  • Titles should be unique, relevant, and approximately 60 characters long
  • Descriptions should be unique, relevant, grammatically correct, and 160 or fewer characters
  • Must have only one title and description per page on my site
  • Inside the <body> code
  • Should have only one <H1> tag - content held in tag should be keyword rich
  • <ALT> tags should be available for all content-related images. They should contain content that explains the image and uses targeted keywords
  • Ensure the keyword targeted by your page appears within the actual content of the page
  • Use targeted keywords in anchor text when pointing links to other internal pages
  • Ensure content is built based on keyword research to match content to what users are searching for
  • Ensure a dedicated down-level experience exists to enhance discoverability of content held in rich media
  • Ensure as much written content as possible is kept out of rich media and images
  • Produce deep, content rich pages; be an authority for users by producing excellent content
  • Set a schedule and produce new content frequently
  • Be sure content is unique – don't reuse content from other sources
  • Use 301 redirects to transfer value to new pages when content is moved or retired
  • Use the <rel canonical> tag to help engines understand which duplicated pages should be indexed and have value attributed to them
  • Use 404 error pages to help cleanse old pages from search engine indexes
  • Plan for incoming & outgoing links – plan how to encourage users to link to content
  • Create a plan to manage internal links ensuring the engines see deeper content
  • Create a social media plan to promote content via social spaces
  • Be sure to manage anchor text to help define content inside the site
  • Avoid buying links in an attempt to influence search rankings
To audit or optimize your site to confirm that your website follows all above steps, please contact to IWebSquare.co.uk

24 March 2012

All about iWebSquare – an UK based IT Services Company

iWebSquare is an UK based IT services company. Since it was founded in 2000, it has been rapidly growing and has broken many milestones in software, application, ecommerce and web development. We all know that UK is facing economical crisis today, even if such situation, it stands with power. Their achievement is in the area of software application development, web development and ecommerce development can not be competing with. It’s an exceptional ecommerce development company that has proved with their portfolio that why they are best ecommerce web design and development company in UK.
Microsoft .Net Software Developer
The credit to all an above success goes to out experts who have worked hard to achieve all targets, in many situations they have supported our clients all the time. During holidays, online shopping is in more demand and to stay up many of our clients have put trust in our services and we help them in the designing, development and marketing of their website or store. With giving justice to our vision of offering a scalable solutions in the areas of asp.net development, ecommerce web designing and internet marketing to serve better for our UK based and Global clients.

Software Development Process:
Software Development Process Flow
We are a managed offshore company to offer support and services to London and other parts of UK. 
Following are the huge list of services we are offering, 
  • Software Development
  • Application Development
  • ERP Solutions
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Windows Application Development
  • Software Development Technologies
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Application Maintenance Support
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Database Development & Admin
  • Web design & Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Portal Development
  • Web Portal Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • Multimedia Design and Development
  • Graphics/Image Design
  • Flash Animation
  • Inventory & Order Management System
  • Open Source Customisation
  • Deployment/Testing Services
  • Managed Offshore Services
If you are interested in any or more from above services, do not wait to request a free quote.

21 March 2012

Best Practices of SEO for Ecommerce Website

SEO for ecommerce websites needs a very unusual process then marketing for a normal web site. Our SEO professionals have helped numbers of Ecommerce website retailers attain considerable enhance in sales through ecommerce SEO, Social media optimization activities. Your ecommerce web design would be the first impression to your potential visitors – so make it over with unique concept and design.

There are three key fundamentals for an online storefront to make the most of SEO success.
Website design, user friendly structure and accessibility, the accessibility is an important part as it concern with the crawling of your site to Google and other search engines. If your site can not be crawled or found issues, then it may not be indexed by Google. Many ecommerce website uses JavaScript and Flash for making their site attractive and user friendly, but take a not that it can not be crawled by Google, so we recommend using a layout or functionality that Google’s spider support. Further, it can only pass link juice if a layout can not use such flash, JavaScript.

For ecommerce website, landing page or category pages plays an important role while marketing your products online. It may take a long to optimize all products or item pages; rather it is better to focus on category level pages or landing pages to promote. There are not fixed no. of products pages remain in any site as it will be changed once a new product has been added, no stock for a product is available etc. You do not have time to optimize all pages every time you add a page, to avoid such circumstances, you may use a template that already optimized and you can add its optimized version any time when you add any item into a product page.

To get huge impact of search from Google to your ecommerce site, you have to make your site popular, reliable, and trusted and most authority site for people or search engine. To do this, you can hire professional SEO Services that build your site as a popular brand that people refer to their friendly once after get experienced through purchasing something from your site. There are many local search listing directories that your business can be listed to get your website noticed there. For a launch of new product, you can distribute a press release, write article and share them to popular article directories etc. All these activities will definitely help your site to be more trusted source online.

That’s all. Contact iWebSquare if you need more support on SEO for Ecommerce.

14 March 2012

Online Marketing over Mobile

Since the growth of Internet Marketing, the marketing over mobile is also growing on same level. There are two parts of the world, where you usually found an existence of any technology like when iPhone and iPad were first time introduced in US and UK’s market, people were rush to the shop to buy it. Still, it’s the same situation when a new version of iPhone or iPad going to be launched in these countries. UK is facing the economical crisis, but the mobile phones have become the necessities, so there are great opportunities for mobile marketing and the development of mobile friendly website and mobile apps, even if the economical crisis in the UK are still continued.
What do you think? Is Mobile Marketing a new way of Marketing or it is the new branch of Internet Marketing like SEO and others? The answer is simple and interesting, if any mobile phone users will be connected to the web via GPRS, 3G or any other internet services on their mobile, then user will most probably prefer to visit the website on their mobile for finding out the best deals on the product they are searching for. This is called, Mobile Internet Marketing. While, on the other hand, if a user is offline, the mobile network is the only way of getting such offers, deals, etc. via SMS, MMS, email, etc., it is called Mobile Marketing.

If you concern over technology and marketing, once you have ever heard about the Mobile Marketing. It is the way of engaging the customers and the opportunities on the mobile phone devices. The following is the tools of Mobile Marketing,
  • Short text Messaging Services - SMS
  • Multimedia Messaging Services - MMS
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Websites- WAP sites
Smartphone as iPhone allows its user to access the internet over the phone, which is the new trend of searching website via Mobile Internet and around 20% of searched originated and dominated by the Google. Internet Marketing Services providers are now taking over their business to Mobile Internet Marketing.

The big advantage of Mobile Internet Marketing is the SMS services. It is faster than the Email, as the mobile phone users immediately check and response the messages while email takes time, may be a day after someone check their mails, and sometimes it goes to the spam folder and never be seen.

8 February 2012

Best Solutions to optimize the positioning of an Ecommerce Store

Generally, guidelines and a practice of SEO are not unusual from one site to another, but here, an e-commerce site has specificity. Some are helpful while others may be a waste of time. Let's see some mistake to stay away from and measures to optimize the positioning of an online store. An online store has an advantage over many other sites. It is possible to make many pages specific since in general; there is one page per product sold. On the other hand, this benefit can turn into a nightmare for numerous reasons. The two bullet points being the risk of copy content with other sites, and the lack of pages optimized for common terms. Here comes all these five tips to be distinguished before optimizing an ecommerce website and I urge this to be one the needed solution that must be incorporated while ordering any package of ecommerce website development.

It is common to find online shops on which the content of the pages of details of products is an exact recovery of the photo and text description provided by the manufacturer. It is same for the title of the product as well. It does mean that if you copy the content, and then you have the less chances to show up your pages in the first 10 results of Google. There is a possibility that your competitors will copy the things you copied as well, and in this circumstance, why it will not be going to show up in Google because of duplicate title and Meta of the product pages. To overcome this problem, writing a unique title and a single description is almost vital. To go further and play it safe, you can even create a second description will only be sent to the shopping engines.

What is being containing in your item page? Like, each detail of an item should be mentioned in a way that allows users to find out the criteria for which they come to this page and call them to place an order at the end. An effective ecommerce solution is to write an introduction, optimized for each page of topics. It then offers Google a real textual content optimized with whom Google will love and your page will be favored in comparison with those of your competitors. Beware, if the pages in your ecommerce website contain sections pagination, only display the text content on the first page, to avoid the risk of duplicate content.

It is amazing that people can communicate with Google as a person. They ask questions to Google, like a friend. However, Google is a big beta, when you ask a question; it seeks the issue in the pages it has indexed, not the answer. Therefore, by designing FAQ, you can position yourself on these issues and gain the corresponding traffic.

Setting up a blog for your ecommerce website is actually very profitable. The blog makes it very easy to position hundreds of requests for strategic activity of the shop.
However, it will not be too intelligent "buggers" in terms of commercial items. The blog will be better received if it provides advice or information about the universe rather than always trying to sell something.

If you have notices in all above tips, it is an editorial content, which is not optimized, to make it optimized, it require having some foundation of keyword phrases based on the content.

Of course, this content will benefit from net linking to give the best of them.

18 January 2012

Effective Web based Application Development Tips

In the recent times, Web based Software Application Development have kanown as a rage and promising number of mid and small business businesses are looking foward it to seek profitable business requirement in the long run. Web based Software Development is functional in developing web based applications for the new businesses and give them the benefits of growing their business potential.

Why Web based Software Development?

There are good reasons why you should go for Web based Software Development company.

The following are the four major reasons:
  1. Web based Software Development will assist you to begin your online business process with bare minimum investment. You do not have to invest with huge budgets to start up a business activity, unlike the traditional businesses. Since the cost of starting online business by efficiently utilizing Web based Software Development is less, you will be saving on the cost factor, and the money saved can be efficiently used in many other business prospects.
  2. When you opt for Web based Software Development, you are choosing to go for advanced business modalities, and this would always keep you on top in the market competition. The web based business application software will always give you the advantage of offering the best to your clients and as the result you get more business too.
  3. When you opt for Web based Software Development, definitely your business will get the credibility as compared to your competitor’s business. In this manner, you have yet another advantage and moreover, you get authentic customers.
  4. Prerequisites for Web based Software Development
  • Check with the services offered by custom software development company and make sure that the services offered meet your latent business needs as well.
  • Keep in your mind that the software development company has the experience in developing Web based Software applications.
  • Hire Web based Software Development company which is ready to provide state of the art software solutions and that too in less of time.
Now you may know why there is the need and urgency for hiring the services of Web based Software Development Company.